Slacking, as usual!

4 03 2009

So we’ve been slacking on this blog, and we know it.  The reality is that with my job I have about 10 blogs that I manage for various clients and websites.  They each serve different purposes but definitely take up a lot of my time !

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to keep up to date on this blog as well.  Not too many new things here at the moment.  I had a potential new job that seemed to be absolutely prefect for me.  Managing the SEO/SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing, for those of you un-cool folk) for a group of websites is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years.  Plus it seemed like this job paid well, had good benefits, job security and an overall fun staff.  Well after THREE interviews including one with the CEO I get a letter in the mail saying they are pursuing other options.

Hey I did my best, and thought the interviews went well so what can I do?  My roommate Adam said it was a blessing in disguise, which it could be.  We are currently working on a side project that I think has some good potential.  So maybe me doing my own thing will work out after all.  Who knows, all I can do is try.

I’m still actively looking for a new job, but it has to be something I’ll enjoy.  If anyone needs their website optimized….let me know!

30% off all our AUDI Apparel- shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies!

18 02 2009

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I’m 28!

12 02 2009

So last Friday Aaron’s surprise bday visit to my office was a hit. There I was emerging from the supplies area when I saw Aaron standing there staring at me with his usual “hey mamacita, i’m heeeere ” look. Yea, umm I froze! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, I knew he was coming to my house later that night, but appearing at work was definitely a very very pleasant surprise. It took me a few minutes to come to and give him the usual welcome.  Aaron and I had a yummy lunch and then hung out in my office for the rest of the afternoon. I later came to find out that Aaron had coordinated the visit with my boss and coworkers to ensure that I would be in the office at the time of his arrival.  My coworkers even said they delayed their lunch just so they could see him surprise me. One lady admitted to living vicariously through us, haha.

My birthday weekend continued with a fantastic dinner out with the parents and a long weekend spent in AC with friends. I must thank the Borgata Casino & Hotel for having us stay in their beautiful suite for freeeee.

I reflect on the past year and appreciate all of the good that has happened in my life. I am surrounded by loyal friends. I am blessed with a caring family. I drive a pretty sweet Audi and have a kick ass job. Best of all though, I have someone as precious as Aaron in my life.


My Cast Art

28 01 2009

So, my roommate Adam tore his achilles tendon a month or two ago.  After surgery he had a soft cast on for about a week.  He wanted me to sign it but I did much better.  I broke out my $6 a piece prismacolor markers and went to town.

I took requests and did some other things on my own, but all in all it turned out pretty freaking cool.  Complete with life-sized bones, AVP volleball logo, Mr. Natty-Boh himself, Pac Man, Bender from Futurama, some random tagging and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting, Adam certainly had the best cast I’ve ever seen.

It’s gone now, but feel free to check out more pictures and details on his blog post here…

An Update, I Guess…

28 01 2009

Yeah, so it’s been quite some time since we’ve posted anything up here.  I know both Valentina and I have been quite busy with our own things, and some stuff together.  I’m busy with quite a few projects, most of which are SEO related.  Doing work for a new client of mine, Halix Solutions.  A company specializing in accounting and business management support.  I’ve also been working on getting our site here as well as our apparel shop to start ranking better on search engines.  That and about 10 other online “projects”…

I’m sure Val will end up loading up some more pictures from Christmas here with my parents as well as Macedonian Xmas with her folks, and about 1000 other Macos.  We got some great shots from our New Years party here at my place as well.

We’re looking forward to hitting Atlantic City and spending a few nights at the Borgata for her birthday here in a couple weeks.  28, jeeze she is certainly robbing the craddle.  It’s late, I should be sleeping, more to come…

The Modding Bug

4 12 2008

So the modding bug definitely has me. Working on, modifying and improving cars is just so damn addictive. I’ve been into it since my first car. Albeit the first mods to my first car were pretty cheesy/”ricey” but hey we all start somewhere right? I’ve been modding the S4 since the day I bought it. I think I put in the HID fog lights along with doing some soldering to have them come on independently of the head lights, the first week I had the car. I haven’t stopped since. There’s always something new and different that I want to do.

I even try telling myself, “Ok no more modding for a while. I don’t need anything else”. But you know what, this has never been about the need to make the car better. Most people are completely satisfied with their car exactly came from the factory, but some of us want to make it our own. So yeah I might not need that turbo back exhaust or larger wheels, but they make me happy, so I do it anyways.

The latest mod is the AWE Drive Train Stabilizer. This should help make shifts crisper and smoother by basically making sure the transmission doesn’t move at all. I’d been looking at this part for a while, but thought for $360 there were other mods I’d rather work on. Well of course my buddy Jeremy sends me an IM saying, “buy this, it’s on sale”. So I click on the link and AWE is doing an awesome sale for the holidays where the DTS is only $260. So yeah I bought it. Val’s coming down this weekend so maybe she’ll help me put it on…

As many times as I try to make it happen, I just can’t stop modding cars!

Toys for Tots Charity Car Show 12/20/08!

3 12 2008



A successful event! Thank you to those who organized, all who attended, and special thanks to AD members tonk and slow4 for the pics.

Who: All makes & models welcome. Winter mode is cool too 😉

What: Bring a toy and show off your ride! All family, friends and pets are invited to the TFT Charity Car Show. All car show participants must bring at least ONE NEW TOY DONATION as an entry fee to the car show! Car Show will be top three Peoples Choice! Awards will vary! Everyone else attending is encouraged to bring a toy donation as well. All donations will go to Toys for Tots!

When: Saturday, December 20, 2008 12 pm – 5 pm. Car show participants please arrive between 11am-12 pm.


Nottoway Park

9601 Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA 22181
Phone: (703) 938-7532

Why: Let’s make a difference for children in need during the holidays!

How: Map and Directions

We hope to see you there!


Audi Mechanic?

24 11 2008

So it’s definitely something that’s been at the back of my head for quite some time.  Ever since I’ve been able to drive I’ve been “modifying” my car.  While the first few, or not so few, weren’t things I’d ever do again I don’t regret any.  The fact is I love working on cars.  No, I love cars, period.  I spend a huge amount of my free time tinkering with the S or helping others work on theirs.  I just love getting greasy, learning how everything works and how to make it better.

So given this, why not make a career out of it?  I’ve always been a huge advocate of actually enjoying work.  I can’t get my mind around people who hate their jobs.  Yeah if it’s absolutely necessary, I understand, but I need to want to go to work every morning.

The thing is I enjoy what I’m doing now.  For those that don’t know, I run a few websites which specialize in home improvement contractor lead generation (check out my blog on the right).  So I’m not running away from my current situation.  The thing is I don’t absolutley love it like I do when working on cars.  So who knows, it’s a thought that’s out there.  Maybe become a certified with a school like ITT-Tech or something, I haven’t really done any research on the subject, but I can’t get that thought out of the back of my head.

Friends and I have talked about opening our own shop since high school.  Who knows?  Maybe someday it will be a reality.  I know Valentina will be happy with whatever I choose, so it looks like only time will tell…


20 11 2008

finally launched our little apparel store —>

apparel for auto enthusiasts

not tooo much to choose from at the moment but it will be constantly evolving. so visit back often!

good job aaron on the twin snails design- i’ve always been a huge fan of the b5 s4 bi turbo setup.

as for me, i’ve got some more designs in my head that i need to get on paper. ooohh aaaronnnnnnnn… =)

Halloween Weekend

14 11 2008

Here are some Halloween pics- Aaron made the funniest looking guido ever! I hated my gravity-prone bullets but I did love my boots. The Lara Croft/Guido show-down that ensued afterwards was…epic?



A little pre-gaming

A little pre-gaming

We continued the weekend with a black and white masquerade =)



me & the kids 🙂