The First of Many

19 10 2008

So, here we are…

Laying in bed next to each other, cold (because Macedonian houses don’t use heat until hell has officially frozen over), and trying to figure out what we are going to be doing with this blog.  While Val started the typing for the first few words, I’ve taken over because her “hunting and pecking” typing style was too much for me to handle.  We’ve been talking about setting up a blog/website about our life together but simply haven’t had the time since, as you may well know, we live 200 miles away from each other.  While during other weekends together we said we would get started, today we finally put our foot (feet?) down.

We’ve thrown around some ideas on what exactly we should include here and it seems like the concensus is; it will be about everything.  We are going to try as hard as we can with our busy lives to let everyone know all the amazing times we have together.  We’re sure to have random babblings and billions of pictures (the camera comes everywhere) but we will try our best to keep you entertained.

Looks like we’ve finally pulled the trigger, so here we go!




One response

14 12 2008

I somehow stumbled upon this website *cough*Aaron *cough* and figured why not browse through….

So far, you’re keeping me entertained….

….now wheres my ‘fawkin’ yagerbomb and protein shake, chief?

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