The Modding Bug

4 12 2008

So the modding bug definitely has me. Working on, modifying and improving cars is just so damn addictive. I’ve been into it since my first car. Albeit the first mods to my first car were pretty cheesy/”ricey” but hey we all start somewhere right? I’ve been modding the S4 since the day I bought it. I think I put in the HID fog lights along with doing some soldering to have them come on independently of the head lights, the first week I had the car. I haven’t stopped since. There’s always something new and different that I want to do.

I even try telling myself, “Ok no more modding for a while. I don’t need anything else”. But you know what, this has never been about the need to make the car better. Most people are completely satisfied with their car exactly came from the factory, but some of us want to make it our own. So yeah I might not need that turbo back exhaust or larger wheels, but they make me happy, so I do it anyways.

The latest mod is the AWE Drive Train Stabilizer. This should help make shifts crisper and smoother by basically making sure the transmission doesn’t move at all. I’d been looking at this part for a while, but thought for $360 there were other mods I’d rather work on. Well of course my buddy Jeremy sends me an IM saying, “buy this, it’s on sale”. So I click on the link and AWE is doing an awesome sale for the holidays where the DTS is only $260. So yeah I bought it. Val’s coming down this weekend so maybe she’ll help me put it on…

As many times as I try to make it happen, I just can’t stop modding cars!



2 responses

6 01 2009

Um…can we get some updates here? Lots have occurred. X-mas, NYE. The world (ok, me) is curious as to whats been going on!

12 01 2009

hehe, yes you are right- we have been slacking! partly bc of how busy we both were during the holidays. then i was sick. and now im just swamped at work! xmas and NYE pics will be up this week, i promise!!!

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