An Update, I Guess…

28 01 2009

Yeah, so it’s been quite some time since we’ve posted anything up here.  I know both Valentina and I have been quite busy with our own things, and some stuff together.  I’m busy with quite a few projects, most of which are SEO related.  Doing work for a new client of mine, Halix Solutions.  A company specializing in accounting and business management support.  I’ve also been working on getting our site here as well as our apparel shop to start ranking better on search engines.  That and about 10 other online “projects”…

I’m sure Val will end up loading up some more pictures from Christmas here with my parents as well as Macedonian Xmas with her folks, and about 1000 other Macos.  We got some great shots from our New Years party here at my place as well.

We’re looking forward to hitting Atlantic City and spending a few nights at the Borgata for her birthday here in a couple weeks.  28, jeeze she is certainly robbing the craddle.  It’s late, I should be sleeping, more to come…



2 responses

4 02 2009

Borgata sounds awesome. I’ve been on a losing streak at AC though so I think I’m good w/ them taking my money. I will need to find time to try and gain it back!

4 02 2009

Through the years I’m just about even, actually I’d say I’m in the black. I can sit at the roulette table for hours. The trick is to play my measurements- which have augmented recently so we shall see how that goes! Anyway, the Borgata and AC in general is usually a good time- gambling, dining, nightlife, entertainment- looking forward to it all!

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