Slacking, as usual!

4 03 2009

So we’ve been slacking on this blog, and we know it.  The reality is that with my job I have about 10 blogs that I manage for various clients and websites.  They each serve different purposes but definitely take up a lot of my time !

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to keep up to date on this blog as well.  Not too many new things here at the moment.  I had a potential new job that seemed to be absolutely prefect for me.  Managing the SEO/SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing, for those of you un-cool folk) for a group of websites is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years.  Plus it seemed like this job paid well, had good benefits, job security and an overall fun staff.  Well after THREE interviews including one with the CEO I get a letter in the mail saying they are pursuing other options.

Hey I did my best, and thought the interviews went well so what can I do?  My roommate Adam said it was a blessing in disguise, which it could be.  We are currently working on a side project that I think has some good potential.  So maybe me doing my own thing will work out after all.  Who knows, all I can do is try.

I’m still actively looking for a new job, but it has to be something I’ll enjoy.  If anyone needs their website optimized….let me know!



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