life . love . cars

A story of how an S4 and an A3 met on the road and continue to travel together.  Join Aaron and Valentina on their journey; a road trip full of twisties, straightaways, no speed limits and bug-splattered windshields.

A passion for cars, and love for family and friends fuels this showroom quality, track-proven and dyno-ready relationship.  vrooooommmm…


6 responses

11 12 2008

You guys are great and were destined for each other…ok, I’ll stop posting like a girl. Glad you guys met each other and spend lots of time on I-95 just like Nat and I did; then you know what happened after a few years, the long distance driving stops.

Excellent blog!

11 12 2008

thanks johnny! congratulations on your recent marriage and being our first commenter (sp?) on our blog! 🙂

visit and post as often as you’d like! you’re a great friend. and your audi? that’s just a bonus! 😉

12 12 2008

This is a great idea and website for you too.. 🙂 Hope to catch up with you two over the holidays and perhaps if my house deal closes next week you can swing in to check it out.

15 12 2008


this is such a cute little thing…

::::group hug:::
both of you get on facebook so we can poke each other =)

15 12 2008

^hi! im glad you found it! we need to hang out soon!

18 12 2008

Looking good guys, love the site.

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