Audi Mechanic?

24 11 2008

So it’s definitely something that’s been at the back of my head for quite some time.  Ever since I’ve been able to drive I’ve been “modifying” my car.  While the first few, or not so few, weren’t things I’d ever do again I don’t regret any.  The fact is I love working on cars.  No, I love cars, period.  I spend a huge amount of my free time tinkering with the S or helping others work on theirs.  I just love getting greasy, learning how everything works and how to make it better.

So given this, why not make a career out of it?  I’ve always been a huge advocate of actually enjoying work.  I can’t get my mind around people who hate their jobs.  Yeah if it’s absolutely necessary, I understand, but I need to want to go to work every morning.

The thing is I enjoy what I’m doing now.  For those that don’t know, I run a few websites which specialize in home improvement contractor lead generation (check out my blog on the right).  So I’m not running away from my current situation.  The thing is I don’t absolutley love it like I do when working on cars.  So who knows, it’s a thought that’s out there.  Maybe become a certified with a school like ITT-Tech or something, I haven’t really done any research on the subject, but I can’t get that thought out of the back of my head.

Friends and I have talked about opening our own shop since high school.  Who knows?  Maybe someday it will be a reality.  I know Valentina will be happy with whatever I choose, so it looks like only time will tell…


20 11 2008

finally launched our little apparel store —>

apparel for auto enthusiasts

not tooo much to choose from at the moment but it will be constantly evolving. so visit back often!

good job aaron on the twin snails design- i’ve always been a huge fan of the b5 s4 bi turbo setup.

as for me, i’ve got some more designs in my head that i need to get on paper. ooohh aaaronnnnnnnn… =)

Halloween Weekend

14 11 2008

Here are some Halloween pics- Aaron made the funniest looking guido ever! I hated my gravity-prone bullets but I did love my boots. The Lara Croft/Guido show-down that ensued afterwards was…epic?



A little pre-gaming

A little pre-gaming

We continued the weekend with a black and white masquerade =)



me & the kids 🙂



31 10 2008

In a few hours Val will be hitting the turnpike and heading here to Baltimore.  If you couldn’t tell by the title or the date on this post; it’s halloween.  Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  I’ve always enjoyed getting to dress up and hold character for the whole night.  In high school I would spend all of October setting up haunted houses and decorating the house to make it as scary as possible, and I must say I did a pretty damn good job!  The excitement for this halloween is alive and well, but even bigger.  I get to spend it with Valentina.

Sure we’ll be dressed up as Lara Croft and a douche bag Guido but we’ll be them together.  Friends from home are planning to show up at my place so they get to meet the girlfriend for the first time, which is another reason to add to my excitement.  Basically I’m just glad to have another weekend with Val…until she moves down here *cough cough*.  I can’t wait to call girls “skanks” and order jagerbombs by the dozen with an extremely hot, tomb raiding, braided hair action figure next to me.

While as usual I’m still in the process of putting my whole outfit together.  I’m sure it’s going to be great, and of course there will be many pictures.

Let the festivities BEGIN!  Well, after work…

lucky me

23 10 2008

I’m so lucky to have a bf who wants to bake pumpkin pie (no, no not blumpkin!) , carve pumpkins, sit by the fireplace, and hang with the rents this weekend!

I can’t wait! I’m sure there will be pics to see!

Love you babe.

The First of Many

19 10 2008

So, here we are…

Laying in bed next to each other, cold (because Macedonian houses don’t use heat until hell has officially frozen over), and trying to figure out what we are going to be doing with this blog.  While Val started the typing for the first few words, I’ve taken over because her “hunting and pecking” typing style was too much for me to handle.  We’ve been talking about setting up a blog/website about our life together but simply haven’t had the time since, as you may well know, we live 200 miles away from each other.  While during other weekends together we said we would get started, today we finally put our foot (feet?) down.

We’ve thrown around some ideas on what exactly we should include here and it seems like the concensus is; it will be about everything.  We are going to try as hard as we can with our busy lives to let everyone know all the amazing times we have together.  We’re sure to have random babblings and billions of pictures (the camera comes everywhere) but we will try our best to keep you entertained.

Looks like we’ve finally pulled the trigger, so here we go!