I’m 28!

12 02 2009

So last Friday Aaron’s surprise bday visit to my office was a hit. There I was emerging from the supplies area when I saw Aaron standing there staring at me with his usual “hey mamacita, i’m heeeere ” look. Yea, umm I froze! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, I knew he was coming to my house later that night, but appearing at work was definitely a very very pleasant surprise. It took me a few minutes to come to and give him the usual welcome.  Aaron and I had a yummy lunch and then hung out in my office for the rest of the afternoon. I later came to find out that Aaron had coordinated the visit with my boss and coworkers to ensure that I would be in the office at the time of his arrival.  My coworkers even said they delayed their lunch just so they could see him surprise me. One lady admitted to living vicariously through us, haha.

My birthday weekend continued with a fantastic dinner out with the parents and a long weekend spent in AC with friends. I must thank the Borgata Casino & Hotel for having us stay in their beautiful suite for freeeee.

I reflect on the past year and appreciate all of the good that has happened in my life. I am surrounded by loyal friends. I am blessed with a caring family. I drive a pretty sweet Audi and have a kick ass job. Best of all though, I have someone as precious as Aaron in my life.